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Hi, I am Teri. I am a photographer in Seattle and I love to take pictures of life.  The big and especially the small moments. The little things that can often be forgotten…

My work is a blend of Lifestyle and Documentary with a twist of Photojournalism.  Time flies by so quickly and I want to capture life in the most beautiful and honest way for you to look back and remember and to share with your little ones, your family and friends.

I realize that being photographed isn’t easy for everyone and I try my best to keep things easy, authentic and full of fun.

A few things about you…
You’re not looking for “say cheese and smile” photos. You’re easy going and laid back. You’re enjoy beauty in life, real life and embrace the messy moments.

A few things about me…

  • I am a certified Interior Designer. A beautiful interior is one way to my heart.
  • I am a fanatical gardener. I LOVE spending as many long hours as I can in my backyard which is full of magical fruit trees and gorgeous flowering perennials.
  • My favorite weekend pastime is camping somewhere in the beautiful PNW with my family whether it be the coast or in the mountains!
  • I am a WIFE to my best friend and a MAMA to two incredibly spirited and amazing little kiddos. They make everyday beautiful and at times very funny. They are the true loves of my life.
  • Most of the pictures in my home are black + white. I am slightly obsessed with how nostalgic it can feel. I always send a mix to clients of both color and black + white.

If you believe us to be a good fit, I would LOVE to chat more to set up a session. Email me at, give me a call at 206-778-4197 or fill out the form below.

I’m looking forward to working together with you! Best!