L I F E S T Y L E   N E W B O R N   S E S S I O N S 


I  am so happy you are considering me to capture your new sweet baby. And congratulations on expecting a new little one! You just had a baby and documenting it wants to be easy. No stress. Sessions with me are all baby led sessions, we go with the flow and takes cues from your little one. And it is all done in the comfort of your own home. It is a backdrop with all that you need, safe, intimate, natural and honest. 

Your Space. Some families worry about what their home looks like for their newborn session, or how small it might be. Don’t worry if things aren’t perfectly picked up or the nursery isn’t all put together. Again, YOU JUST HAD A BABY!  The most important thing is to love on your baby and share how you feel about them.  It doesn’t take a lot of space to photograph the important parts of having a newborn during your newborn session. We could do the entire shoot either with the baby in your arms or on a clear portion of the bed and it would be wonderful.




Little Louisa photography specializes in at home, relaxed and intimate lifestyle newborn sessions.  Just love on your new little one and leave the rest to me. will capture your love and family connections as well as all those amazing newborn features. Here are a few recent lifestyle newborn sessions on my blog.

Honestly, it’s all about the connections and emotions with a few awesome shots of the baby alone. We are documenting your family and your life…. clutter, especially with kids and babies this is just part of life sometimes!

A few frequently asked questions for Lifestyle Newborn Sessions.


What is the best time for a lifestyle newborn session?

I  like to photograph newborns anywhere in the first 4 weeks of life but really anytime in the first 6 weeks are great….truthfully, anytime is a great time to photograph a baby.  


What should my newborn wear for a lifestyle newborn session?

Just a diaper. There is nothing better than a baby’s skin. The folds, the dimples, all of it is irresistible. I also ask that you put aside a few swaddles that you like. We will lightly wrap your baby in a swaddle to cover the diaper.  


Are you okay with dogs at my newborn session?

I LOVE when clients bring include their furbabies  – after all they are a part of the family! 


What should I wear during my lifestyle newborn session?

At the end of day you need to be you and be comfortable and ready to have a great time. But I can offer a few tips. Neutrals can help photos look effortless and timeless. Layers and textures add depth and interesting aspects to images that I just love. Think lots of layers and textures but not necessarily different colors of patterns. When it comes to choosing colors, don’t match perfectly. I have more details on these in my helpful “what to wear” guide that I am happy to send to you.